Freedom – A Better Chance To Change

Independence Day is the most significant day in the history of Indian because it reminds us the bravery and struggle of our freedom fighters. On this day we pay homage to our fighters who fought and gave up their lives for our independence.  Since then we are celebrating our Independence Day every year on 15th August. This day is celebrated to ignite the feeling of nationalism and patriotism across the country.  Every citizen has a different viewpoint about Independence. Youngster take this day to celebrate the glory and strength of the country while for others itโ€™s a reminder of the long suppression and cruelty that our people suffered. Itโ€™s not only a celebration of Independence but also of the unity with the diverse culture of the country.

We all pay tribute to our freedom struggles who fought for our nation to get the freedom. We also remembers the famous lines said by them like Swaraj is my pride and I shall have it.‘ by Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Give me blood and will give you freedom‘ by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bosh, , ‘In a gentle way we can shake the world.’ by Mahatma Gandhi. But do we remember the message given to us by them? I think so no because if we do then why do some people beg for food, struggle for shelter everyday? We all know that Mahatma Gandhi wanted a nation which is free of poverty, corruption and crime. But do we live in such nation now? NO.

Transparency survey reveals corruption rising in India- The New Indian  Express

We all know that we can make such nation and full-fill the wishes of our freedom fighters. We all have the will power but the only thing left is implementation. The implementation can be done when we as a human being start following it and promise ourselves to always obey it. This is the only chance we have to change the world. Our freedom fighters have sacrificed themselves just for us to change the world and live happily. So why to wait for a person or day? Instead start it with oneself and promote others to do the same.

So let us promise ourselves this independence day to start making the change first in oneself and then in others.

Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!

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5 thoughts on “Freedom – A Better Chance To Change

  1. I really appreciate your effort on writing again a nice and well articulated blog on Independence(Freedom). It flashed back to year of my freedom since my birth as I’m born in free nation and thought of how difficult was for our freedom fighters to make this happened. Please keep writing. Wait for next one soon.

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