Blue = Pink

People share a common nature but are trained in gender roles.’ Grace Farrell

It is rightly said by Grace Farrell that all the people have common nature but as they are born they are intimated gender wise. In the childhood only, the child is made to learn all the etiquettes according to the their gender. For example, if a boy is born then in childhood only the child is made to learn to not to cry. Why? Just because he is a BOY! If a girl is born then she is made to learn to always stay silent, restricted to social contact and much more. This issue has been seen and some may have experienced also. Also I have observed that boys are made to learn to not to wear pink because its a color of girls but girls are not strictly restricted to wear blue. I am sure that when colors were introduced to human beings, they did not have the mentality of Blue for boys and Pink for girls.

Therefore, it is very important to train the child as a normal human being and not according to their gender. So we should treat them equal. Gender equality seems like an ideal concept. A concept which we have seen being materialized in other nations but remains a mirage in a culturally rich nation like ours. It is a concept which emphasis on abilities of individual, rather than discriminating on the basis of gender. Our society promotes the concept of male domination by giving preference to boys right from childhood. We are yet struggling to shake off the concept of male being the breadwinner of family. We must have heard that only men can earn for house whereas women can’t. I think that who the society is to decide the job of a man or a woman. It should be only his or her choice. For example, if a man chooses to do household works and the woman decide to earn money by doing job then what is the harm in it? A person has the right to choose their profession and lead their life according to their wish. But still the society continue to torture and provoke him or her.

The effort to bring about equality between rights and privileges to be enjoyed by genders meets stiff resistance from the societal set up. The prevalence of the dowry system is a major hurdle in efforts to bring this equality. Parents keep the girl devoid of any privileges, including investment in her education, as they plan for savings to be given at her time of marriage. This neglect in her own family is de-motivating and leads to a reduced levels of self confidence in the woman. Her potential is snubbed in all these formative years and ability to think freely and contribute ideas dwindle in an unequal environment. The women continue to struggle in many fields. But now it has been proven by superwomen that they are not less than the others.

Some men also face inequality but it is never shown in outer world. Some issues faced by them are listed below:

  • Traditional stereotypes are difficult for many men to live up to. They feel pressure to be a ‘real man’, to be physically and emotionally strong, and be the main income earner.
  • Many workplaces don’t offer men extended parental leave or flexible hours.
  • Men are more likely to drink too much, take unhealthy risks and engage in violence.
  • They are less likely to seek professional help or talk about their problems with friends or family.
  • Men are more likely to commit suicide.

Now the world is improving and is trying to remove such idea of being narrow minded. But we just develop in upper layer of the world and forget about the inner most layer from where this mentality had started. The inner most layer is the root and unless and until we don’t remove the root completely, we can never get equality.

Hence, remove the root and build a new a plant and always remember that The Soul has no gender, it is us who created it.

2 thoughts on “Blue = Pink

  1. Nice topic to cover a real face of the society. We have to change our mindset to accept the current reality, is no more discriminations in the society and WE all are equally equipped with all the quality to stand and walk together.

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  2. The last statement “The Soul has no gender, it is us who created it.” in itself tells everything. It means the Universe which is the super power and human’s creator, has not not done any discrimination and it is we only who have made different kind rules and regulations for different people in the society.
    It is time to learn and follow our creator…

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